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Naruto Shippuuden 81

Naruto shippuuden episode 81, the 81 episode of naruto movies, you can watch naruto anime video online here at free naruto free stuff. All the videos, MP3, soundtrack, wallpaper, and comics may request here.

This is naruto shippuuden episode 81. Naruto shippuuden 81 is the last videos from dattebayo (official naruto video).

What is naruto?
Naruto is konoha's ninja anime character. And you can watch the video episode 81 below.

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No, you don't have to. We don't need any payment, email address or anything else. We live from advertisement here.

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Naruto shippuuden 80 episode

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Naruto Online MOvies episode 78 79

Naruto movies online, naruto video, naruto skyline effects, best manga chapter movie, download video from naruto, sasuke and itachi, sakura naruto free movies, adult manga movies download for free. Download the best movies of naruto shippuuden, jiraiya, kakashi tribte.

who is the sixth hokage? The sixth hokage is come


Naruto Shippuuden #77

Naruto 77 Episode is released. Now you can watch the episode 77 live from your screen. Please feel free to watch the movie . . . .


Naruto shippuuden epidoes 76

Naruto shippuuden episode #76. Why epidoes, because there we want somenone come here by using naruto shippuuden epidoes 76 . ;p

Watch naruto episode 76


Naruto Shippuuden Episode 75

Naruto shippuuden episode 75. Watch naruto online video episode 75


Naruto shippuuden episode 74

Naruto shippuuden episode 74 new release video.

Naruto shippuuden movies episode 74, shippuuden megavideo, the 74 episode of naruto shippuuden, watch naruto episode 74 online.

The best naruto online movies at

You are watching the latest movies of naruto shippuuden series. Here is the episode 74


Naruto Shippuuden Episode 73

Naruto shippuuden episode 73, the naruto online movies 'akatsuki invasion'

Alternate video


Naruto Shippuuden 072

This is The Naruto Shippuuden Series movies.

Watch Episode 072 here at this blog. You can visit us here

Episode 72


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Naruto shippuuden episode 71

Naruto episode 71

If you have trouble with the video,try this one

Watch more nartuo free stuff here


Naruto Shippuuden 70

New episode of naruto shippuuden 70. Naruto movie online only at naruto free stuff.

Alternative video also available here

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 68 & 69

Naruto shippuuden episode 68 & 69

Episode 68

Episode 69

watch the next episode naruto shippuuden 70 series only at 'naruto free stuff'


Naruto Shippuuden 67 movies

Naruto Shippuuden 67 New Episode.

Naruto shippuuden 67 is the latest naruto video movies updated July 21 2008.
Continue the story from attacking konoha,naruto and his friends try to stop the summoning ninja that called to destroy konoha using electricity jutsu art.

Akamaru start moving make calculate to predict the situation. While naruto fight against the woman devil 'death kiss'.

Just watch here online and free.


Naruto Shippuuden 67 Preview

Naruto shippuuden 67 preview...


Naruto Shippuuden Episode 66 Video

Watch naruto episode 66 video from our blog.
This is the latest naruto shippuuden video update July 11, 2008.

Happy watching. .


Naruto Blog List

'Naruto Blog' gives you the complete list of all the post here. So if you don't check yet, see it :)

There is more than 6 post here. Naruto blog contain the newest naruto video list, sountrack from the OST, naruto shippuuden theme song download link, The comics, The news, and the others good news for all naruto fans all over the world.

check this out
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To download the video, just see the download link at the bottom of the videos. But please remember, not all the video can be download. Please apologize us because of this inconvenience, Just check the videos and download for free.

Oh.. i almost forget it :) if you like to download naruto funny compilation videos, you may download it for free here

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 65

Naruto shippuuden episode 65
Watch video naruto online

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Naruto Shippuuden episode 64

Watch naruto shippuuden episode 64 . New release video of naruto shippuuden today.
Naruto shippuuden new episode every week at naruto blog

Thanks for watching naruto shippuuden 64


Bunta Sound themes

Bunta theme song for us. :) i hope you like this soundtrack

Please copy and paste this link address into your browser address

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Confrontment Naruto Soundtrack

Confrontment naruto soundtrack.

Just a simple music themes. Usually played when someone is talking about something important like a mission. This sound themes also played when something unusually is happen, bad situation, mystery, explanation, and other situation like that.

IF you like the confrontmen theme song, you could

or if you hate to download the mp3 files, please be happy to hear it from youtube video ;)

Anyway thanks for all people who always come to this blog ;)
You are the real hero for me. Regards


Heroes Come Back

123Naruto for all dattebayo series fans ;)

Have you heard the soundtrack of naruto at the opening theme?? You should have heard this one. I think the title is Heroes come back. The intro sound is nice, because different from the others like before.

Download Heroes Come Back at this naruto Naruto free stuff.

Hope you enjoy it all here. And more stuff will be added as i have. But sorry if you find some bad english word in this blog. That's all because i'm not fluent in english. I am sorry for this kind. Please feel free to subscribed us ;)


Far of Distance Naruto Songs

Naruto Far of distance music download. OK guys now here is another great Naruto OST. Far of distance is one of the best naruto opening theme song that ever made. I really like this stuff and i got it from youtube then convert the format and upload here and share it for free.

This song also called You are my friend and many naruto fans also looking for this song. Download you are my friend song from naruto theme song for free at our blog.

If you read the previous post, you'll find Men of the word theme song. And now here is Far of Distance opening theme song.

See this sample you are my friend / Far of distance naruto soundtrack embed from youtube ;)

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Naruto Men of the world OST

Ok here is another soundtrack that you can download. This is taken from Naruto OST and converted to the best sound quality that we could make.

We have use this for our mp3 player, Try also ;)


Naruto Shippuuden 063

Hello guys...
This is the new episode of naruto shippuuden. The 63 Series of shippuuden.
Enjoy it


Fighting Dreamer - Naruto Theme song Download Free

Hi guys.. How are you today?? :)

We have been waiting for the new naruto shippuuden 063 for this whole week but none. Dattebayo just release their naruto soul eater 063.THey call it 'Naruto Soulppuuden'

Ahh, just forget it. Now I'm gonna give you another theme song from naruto shippuuden. For all naruto levers, here it the 'Fighting Dreamer' One of the coolest song from naruto OST.

Download Fighting Dreamer Here
Download from Ziddu

But if you have a song request, you may post here and we will do the best. For us ;)

Keep together team . . . . .


Akatsuki Soundtrack Download

Get free akatsuki theme song from OST Naruto Shippuuden. Get the original sound for your PC or cellphones. Free download akatsuki theme soong here.

Akatsuki member, itachi,pein, hidan, and others akatsuki member sound themes.


Konoha's begining - 308 (Naruto Shippuuden Manga Comics)

To help you read this comics, just right click on the image and open in a new window so you could read the text.

Read naruto shippuuden manga comics here. This is the 308 episode of naruto shippuuden "Konoha's Beginning.

This episode storied about sasuke's mind after killed his brother itachi. sasuke talk with pein the leader of akatsuki members.


Naruto Loneliness Soundtrack Download

Free Download Loneliness Naruto OST. Sad music and soft MP3 sound theme.

Free Download Loneliness from Naruto OST from our host site


Free Download Naruto Soundtrack

Free Download Naruto Soundtrack because we provide you the complete list about naruto soundtrack and theme song. This list of soundtrack will complete your MP3 list and fulfill your storage.

Download the theme song from Naruto OST. Here is the top download list of naruto shippuuden, you may download all for free.

You don't need to register, it's 1000% totally free for you.


Naruto Soulppuuden

Naruto Soulppuuden is release today at dattebayo. After naruto shippuuden, soulppuuden back with his new episode. Watch the Naruto Soulppuuden movies here


Naruto Sexy Female Characters

Naruto Hinata Sexy Images. Click image to preview the larger size. :)


Turn Over

Watch turn Over soundtrack videos from naruto ost first then download the MP3 file for free. Turn Over music is taken from naruto online movies.

Free download Turn Over NARUTO Soundtrack


Blue Bird by ikimono gakari MP3

ikimono gakari - blue bird - naruto shippuuden opening soundtrack

Download blue bird by ikimono gakari in MP3


Konohamaru's Theme

Free Download Konohamaru's Theme. Konohamaru's music track from The Naruto II OST. Konohamaru is the third hokages grand son and have a bad attitude almost same like uzumaki naruto and konohamaru have a dream to be a seventh hokage after naruto.


It's the training

It's the training music. Naruto, sasuke and sakura music when training.

Free download it's the training - naruto sound theme.

Kakashi senpai, hiruka sensei, teach sakura, sasuke and naruto. The sound effect it is the training in konoha music.

Free Download it's the training music
and you don't have to register or type email address to get it. Totaly Free


Heavy Violence

Free Download Heavy Violence Toshiro, ninja battle sound themes. Heavy Violence from naruto soundtrack. Get the audio file and download the soundtrack of naruto for free

Free Download The Heavy Violence soundtrack



Free Download Sexiness soundtrack from naruto movies. You can get free and Good quality MP3 sountrack Files. Sexiness hokage, sexy jutsu sound and also you can convert this into your phone ringtone.

Free Download Sexy naruto sound track

When download the file you will redirect into a new page at ziddu. Please make sure to type the correct verification number. No password and no registration when download.


Naruto Wallpaper Blog

Naruto wallpaper blog will make some change in the header.
Now you will see this image as the naruto free stuff header image. You also can make this as your blog wallpaper. Thia naruto wallpaper have a 900 x 218 pxl size.

You can use it as long as you link us.
Thanks :)


Naruto Shippuuden 062 New Series

This is the lates video of naruto shippuuden from konoha.
You could watch this video but if you want to download the video please go to dattebayo.

download the last movies there, but of you are sick of download time you can watch the new episode of naruto shippuuden here.

Wait for the another new stuff.


Naruto Soundtrack - Wind

Naruto wind soundtrack download the original soundtrack.

Wind naruto ending sound track and song.

Cool wind soundtrack, get naruto soundtrack wind, ending themes wind naruto, wind download naruto sound effect, music from naruto movies wind, play mp3 files naruto soundtrack on your PC, Using naruto soundtrack as your ringtones, convert the wind soundtrack from shippuuden, naruto anime wind soundtrack, download naruto wind mp3, naruto soundtrack mp3 download, it's totally free to download.

Wind song from naruto movies, song of naruto, naruto and hinata gone with the wind.

Wind soundtrack and original files download, get your own naruto soundtrack and play at your PC, it's 100% Free to download. Nothing required to download this soudtrack.

Keep in touch and stay for another new soundtrack.

If you have a question or request, just leave us some comment here. Thanks for coming.
See ya . . . . :)
Download Wind Soundtrack HERE


Original Naruto Soundtrack Sexiness MP3 Download

Download Naruto Sexiness Soundtrack from naruto Theme song album.

Get naruto in MP3 files and free to download the sound effect files.

Sexiness, jiraiya sex, jiraiya erosennin adult, jariyas adult commics, kakashi want his comics more, download jiraiyas theme song sexiness, NAruto sexy jutsu soundtrack download, get naruto sexiness in mp3.

Free download sexiness sound audio theme and soundtrack. Nothing required, just download and done.

Download Sexiness Here


Naruto Soundtrack i'll do it right - leaves village

Naruto free soundtrack, start download original audio stuff from shippuuden naruto.

this soundtrack called i'll do it right

converted from youtube videos and re upload here to share you naruto free stuff.

Download i'll do it right here


Hokage Soundtrack

Download Hokage SOuntrack from naruto original album in mp3 format

Play all naruto soundtrack at your computer

Download HERE


Naruto Shippuuden 061

Naruto Shippuuden 061 Sub (English Sub titled)


Naruto Shippuuden 061

Naruto Shipppuuden Videos.
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Naruto Shippuuden episode 60

Wait for tommorow tha latest video naruto shippuuden


Pooling Result

So here is the result.

Wallpaper 10%
Video 50%
Soundtrack 44%

We are still build this naruto video blog. We prepare for the complete list. Hope you enjoy it.
Click here to open naruto video blog.

Another soundtrack and wallpaper will be added soon. Not more than one week after this post. Thanks.


NAruto New Episode 16 May 2008



Naruto Shippuuden Episode 57 - 58

Naruto Shippuden Episode 057 English Subtitled

Naruto Shippuden Episode 058 English Sub


Naruto Shippuuden the movie

Watch this awesome manga movies for free.
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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4


Naruto Shippuuden 056, April 25 2008

Naruto Videos Online.

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Naruto Shippuuden 055

Watch Naruto Shippuuden 055 New release April 18 2008.

Naruto fool, Stupid, Lol, At this edition naruto will learn from kakashi and yamato sama.

Oh, the opening theme song can found at this previous post.

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Free Download Naruto Theme Song

Download Blue Bird - Naruto Opening Theme Song Mp3 and Lyrics

Song lyrics | Blue Bird lyrics

Song Info
File Size 3.99 Mb

Zip Password: adiestudio



Kabuto Orochimaru Members download page.
Download Kabuto wallpaper, Kabuto images, Kabuto themes, images of Kabuto , naruto Kabuto ,Sasuke VS Kabuto Wallpaper, Gambar Kabuto , Character Kabuto , who is Kabuto , Kabuto photos gallery, Kabuto Naruto , Kabuto images gallery, Naruto and Kabuto , Kabuto destroyer Leaves Villages, Kabuto member, Naruto vs Kabuto , Kabuto , NAruto and Kabuto battle war, Kabuto stages, Kabuto Sasuke Orochimaru, Great Kabuto , Kabuto images, Kabuto japan manga idol, Kabuto music soundtrack, Kabuto Master, Kabuto new wallpaper, Kabuto image, Daily wallpaper

Who is Kabuto ?
Itachi is one of orochimaru member. Naruto beat him once when naruto made his first rasengan.
What is Kabuto ?
Kabuto Orochimaru
Kabuto Jutsu
Kabuto try to destroy Leaves village

Kabuto Free naruto character themes for cellphone and PC

How to download Kabuto wallpaper:

Right click on the image and open in a new window/tab then right click on the image and save into your computer. Done.

All you can get here is totally free. No pay or registration needed.

Recent Post on Naruto Wallpaper

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Download Uchiha itachi wallpaper download page.
Download Itachi wallpaper, Itachi images, Itachi themes, images of Itachi , naruto Itachi ,Sasuke VS Itachi Wallpaper, Gambar Itachi , Character Itachi , who is Itachi , Itachi photos gallery, Itachi Naruto , Itachi Akatsuki images gallery, Naruto and Itachi Akatsuki, Itachi destroyer Leaves Villages, Itachi akatsuki member, Naruto vsItachi , Akatsuki itachi, NAruto and Itachi friendship, Itachi stages, Itachi Akatsuki vs Sasuke Orochimaru, Itachi Chidori, Great Itachi , Itachi images, Itachi japan manga idol, Itachi akatsuki music soundtrack, Itachi Master, Itachi new wallpaper, Itachi image, Daily wallpaper

Who is Itachi ?
Itachi is one of akatsuki member. Naruto beat him once when naruto look for gaara.
What is Itachi ?
Itachi Akatsuki
Itachi Jutsu
Itachi And Leaves village

Iruka Sensei Free naruto character themes for cellphone and PC

How to download Iruka wallpaper:

Right click on the image and open in a new window/tab then right click on the image and save into your computer. Done.

All you can get here is totally free. No pay or registration needed.

Recent Post on Naruto Wallpaper

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